Casement and awning (pvc)

Greater quality step-by-step

  1. Triple weather-stripping ensures perfect airtightness.
  2. Wide range of glass thicknesses and types such as double or triple energetic glazing (3/4" to 1") including non conductive spacer.
  3. Classic style sash (flat).
  4. Removable inside glazing bead, helping glass replacement from inside.
  5. Multi-chamber system of these windows ensures the best possible protection and the highest level of comfort.

Combined awning

Casement window

Exterior moulding




Options choices

  • PVC cladded jamb.
  • Simulated divided light.
  • Decorative grids (rectangular, georgian, tubular).
  • Special shapes.
  • Interior and exterior mouldings (multiple choices).


Standards are made to compare the performance of various windows in similar conditions.

Test results based on the
CAN / CSA A-440-M00 standard
Airtightness is rated from A1 A3 A3++
Watertightness is rated from B1 B7 B7
Wind resistance is rated from C1 C5 C5+
Forced entry resistance is rated from F1 F2 F2

Available casement and awning styles