Slider (pvc)

Greater quality step-by-step

  1. Triple weather-stripping ensures perfect airtightness.
  2. Removable inside glazing bead, helping glass replacement from inside.
  3. Double wall sash providing soundproofing and maximum rigidity.
  4. Multi-chamber system of these windows ensures the best possible protection and the highest level of comfort.

Single slider window

Double slider window




Standards are made to compare the performance of various windows in similar conditions.

Test results based on the
CAN / CSA A-440-M00 standard
Airtightness is rated from A1 A3 A3
Watertightness is rated from B1 B7 B4
Wind resistance is rated from C1 C5 C5
Forced entry resistance is rated from F1 F2 F2

Available slider styles