Energy efficient glass (Low-E)

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Aluminart Architectural uses Pilkington Energy AdvantageTM Low-E insulating glass because it perfectly combines comfort and energy efficiency for homes in colder regions of North America. Windows made with Pilkington Energy AdvantageTM Low-E glass improve your comfort in many ways. This high-quality glass keeps you warm during cold winter nights and cool during hot summer days. In addition, it provides the benefits of natural light while ensuring a high energy intake. To learn more about how our glass increases energy efficiency and how it can save you in terms of energy, see brochure below:


Efficient spacer

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE spacer sets a new standard in energy efficiency, comfort and dimensional stability.

No matter the climate, its exceptional insulating properties ensure the optimal performance of windows of all shapes, which translates into energy savings.


Thermal resistance

The R factor is a symbol which represents the thermal resistance of materials. It is the strength of insulating.  The more R factor insulation you get, the higher it is effective without letting in heat or cold.

Solar gain

The solar contribution coefficient of insulating glazing made withPilkington Energy AdvantageTM Low-E glass is lower by only 7% compared to an insulating glazing made with a standard clear glass. Equipped with a specially designed coating for cold climates, Pilkington Energy AdvantageTM Low-E glass effectively stores heat which has the effect of reducing your heating costs.

Visible light transmitted

Pilkington Energy AdvantageTM Low-E glass looks the same inside and outside compared to the traditional clear glazing. An insulating glazing with Pilkington Energy Advantage TM Low-E glass transmits about 93% of visible light through the insulating glazing made with a standard clear glass.

Made of 3mm glass and 12,7mm SWISSPACERMD spacers

 R FactorSolar gainTransmitted light
2 clear glasses + air 2,0 0,81 83%
1 clear glass and 1 Low-E + argon glass 3,5 0,76 77%
3 clear glasses + air 3,1 0,74 76%
2 clear glasses and 1 Low-E + argon glass 5,0 0,69 71%
1 clear glass and 2 Low-E + argon glasses 6,3 0,61 66%