Slider (pvc)


This single or double slider window will bring comfort as desired for several years. Our sliding window system creates no interference when the window is open, ideal for patio decks, driveways or porches. Our windows open from the inside for an easy cleaning and maintenance.

Any warned owner likes to enjoy substantial savings generated by innovative manufacturing methods such as this series of slider windows. Enhance the appeal of your next residential project by enhancing the high performance of these windows with integrated brickmould.


Millena 49/16 frame

Millena Plus 513/16 frame with integrated brickmould




Options choices

  • Scealed unit with Low-e, tinted, or special orders.
  • Maintenance-free pvc cladded jamb.
  • Simulated divided light.
  • Decorative grids (rectangular, georgian, tubular).
  • Paint.


Standards are made to compare the performance of various windows in similar conditions.

Test results based on the
CAN / CSA A-440-M00 standard
Airtightness is rated from A1 A3 A3
Watertightness is rated from B1 B7 B7
Wind resistance is rated from C1 C5 C5
Forced entry resistance is rated from F1 F2 F2

Slider avaible styles