About Aluminart Architectural


All of our windows and doors are precisely custom made thus permitting installers to give a real professional finish for todays customer's need.

Whatever your reason for choosing windows, whether the durability, the finish, the look or the performance, you will be assured to get the product that will improve the look of your home, and make it more comfortable.

Aluminart Architectural has the product you need for all your renovation projects, whether you need steel doors, patio doors, casement, awning, sliding or hung windows.



Aluminart Architectural was founded in 1972. The accomplished knowledge in the renovation industry and more specifically, in the conception and the fabrication of PVC or aluminium windows and doors.

Four words synonymous with the excellence in the fabrication over the past 45 years of our steel doors, aluminum and PVC windows, are CREATIVITY, QUALITY, COMPETITIVENESS, SERVICE and placing Aluminart Architectural as today's leader in the fenestration industry.

Aluminart Architectural's specialists have refined our products over the years to give a whole new range of quality; custom made products, shapes and sizes for your decorative needs as per your drawings or requests.

Our past years of experience; a garantee of satisfaction for your future investment in the purchase of our products through our distributors.